The Dark Age

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Post Age of Darkness

Post by Light Mystic on Thu Apr 17, 2008 10:53 pm

According to my understanding (and to some degree my experience), this "dark age" is the least realized of all of the 4 ages. In the vedic language, these four ages (or yugas) are sat yuga, treta yuga, dvapara yuga, and kali yuga. Kali Yuga supposedly began about 5,000 years ago, lasting for about 360,000 typically. After Kali Yuga, life returns to Sat Yuga and the cycle continues again. Kali Yuga is said to be by far the shortest Yuga, being 1/4 the length of dvapara, which is 1/4 the length of treta, which is 1/4 the length of sat yuga. It is also said that, in certain ways it is easiest to get enlightened in Kali Yuga because the contrast between all encompassing Self and the outside world of boundaries is so great.

At some point I can mention the characteristics of each age, but all of that information can probably be found with a google search.

The general consensus of people more tuned into life is that the world is undergoing a deep transformation now, because we would destroy ourselves if Kali Yuga continued. Nature has sent a balancing to restore wholeness for some period of time. That shift to wholeness is what the world is in the middle of, although the process is still closer to the beginning stage than the end. That's why so many souls have been sent to help in their own way all of the sudden.

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Post The Dark Age

Post by Akindra on Tue Apr 15, 2008 2:07 pm

In my studies, I have come across the predicitons of many of the old sacred texts - including the bible, vedic, bahai etc that talk about this age we are in now being the dark age (amongst other names)

Dark age being bad, immoral, materialistic and egotist behaviour and ways of life for the majority of humanity in general.

Apparetly this time is needed to allow people to come to a recognition and find ways back to god / spirituality etc

Does anyone have any ideas on this

If anyone knows which books or chapters in the different texts deal with this - please let me know too.


Glenda :-) May the realisation of all paths leading to the same truth become fruitful in this age of religious intolerance.

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