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Post by Sarveswara on Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:50 am

PURIFICATION One must go through a process on your spiritual path, of purification; this process will be individually tailor fitted by God, for you perfectly, leading you and guiding you to ascension.

Enlightenment; liberation; union with God, are the goals of the spiritual warrior. The goal will always be reached; there are never any mistakes or failures, only ever lessons and opportunities. All is perfect no matter if your now is represented in a positive or negative way. Either way will see the outcome as a lesson to be learned and an opportunity to love.

God purifies your heart so that LOVE can be divinely expressed through you; and you become an expression of pure Divine Love; you become Gods servant to perform your Duty of Love to all.

The only requirement from you is your devotion to God!

My Eternal Love, Sarveswara

Love, Faith & Trust ... The Foundation of Everything.

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