The Power of Vibhuti ~ another miracle.

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om The Power of Vibhuti ~ another miracle.

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 23, 2008 6:00 am

Vibhuti is a sacred Ash that was given as a healing agent from the fires, first by Shirdi Sai baba; now manifested miraculously by Sathya Sai Baba and given to all those who are meant to have it.

Swami had once given Mrs. Gita Ram, daughter of Dr. Padmanabhan, a packet of Vibhuti in the interview room. She tucked it away in her purse and somehow forgot about it.

A few months later, when she and her husband visited New York to celebrate their Marriage Anniversary, they went to a temple over there. After this, they attended a Music Concert in a theater.

During the intermission, she went to the Ladies Room where a Hispanic Woman who was cleaning the bathroom came forward and asked Mrs. Gita whether she was an Indian. Then she asked her whether she knew about Sai Baba. On getting a 'Yes' for both these questions, she asked her whether she had any white powder with her!!!

The Hispanic woman said that she had an 8 year old daughter who was seriously sick. Both her kidneys had failed and chances of survival were slim. Transplant of the kidneys would mean a lot of money which she could never afford. All she did was pray to her Lord Jesus.

After a few hopeless days, suddenly three days before, in her dream she saw this man with an orange robe and 'afro' type hair style who called himself Sai Baba and told her - I am Sai Baba. You will meet an Indian in your work place; ask her for Vibhuti - white powder. Give it to your daughter. She will become better!!!

Hearing this, Mrs. Gita Ram opened her purse and the silently tucked away Vibhuti packet suddenly revealed itself. She handed over the same to the woman, thrilled with the mysterious ways of Bhagawan!!!

Months later when the couple arrived at Parthi and when Swami gave them an interview, He told the surprised couple, "The girl is fine. Both her kidneys are OK. No surgery!"

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