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Post by fhenix on Wed Jan 16, 2008 12:16 am

Life is filled with many opportunities and the freedom to choose between them.

Every day, you make many choices on many matters. It also is your choice whether
you follow the voice of your True Self, or whether, you obey your doubts, your fears,
the opinions of your parents, friends, or other influences.

You simply want to take note of the consequences of your choices. Success, failure,
wealth, poverty, health and even illness -- all show you how you have used your energy.
None of them are good, bad, right or wrong in themselves.

Now, observe this reality and, from here onwards, will you choose to aim towards a
higher goal? Will you choose to use this opportunity for major growth? It is, of course,
your own choice.

It is important, without clinging to what is superficial or fretting about the opinions of
others, to search for the messages hidden within you. Everything depends on how you
receive them. And, how you respond to them.

If you choose love, courage and hope, with gratitude, it is never too late to start life anew.
The starting point is always "now". Your freedom to choose is a blessing from Heaven.

Angel Messages from Beyond by Juan Nakamori
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