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Post by Sarveswara on Mon Dec 01, 2008 4:20 am


Are you in a situation that you are caught with no way out, are you seeking refuge, seeking peace of mind, seeking an answer to solve all your problems? Then listen here, leave that outside chaos for just a moment and enter within yourself, envisage your heart and at the source of your heart is your God “whoever your God be”. If you don’t know who God is then call him “God whoever you are” for all GODS are one in the same God, and this God is known by as many different names and forms as there are souls by which to see Him; begin by throwing yourself down on his mercy, beg him to help you. Indeed surrender at his feet your entire life, in the realisation that you are a helpless baby.
Then I tell you, make regular visits to God, and tell Him you want to get to know Him. Then let this be the first of your visits to meet with god to get to know Him. You don’t always have to talk, sometimes you can just sit together in the silence, and you will not only feel the comfort in that silence, but you will begin to feel the happiness and peace that is also there, that in fact you have searched for.
Once you have surrendered your outside chaos into the safety of Gods hands, change will happen for your ultimate good. Outside changes will take shape, you may not always see benefit in some of His ways, but you must always keep faith and trust in Gods Will. It is and will always only ever be for your ultimate good. He will teach you to not take notice of outside appearances of situations, and you will discover over the course of time how God works always for your highest good in your life.
At first it is hard to see God there at the source of your Heart, but it is in your blind faith and trust in a higher power that maintains your equanimity to continue believing in it. When it is time the teacher GOD will show himself to you. In the meantime He will work in your life by an invisible force, and it will come in little miracles to prove His existence within you has been touched upon. This will give you bursts of strength for your faith and trust to continue your search to get to know Him.

My Eternal Love, Sarveswara

Love, Faith & Trust ... The Foundation of Everything.

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