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Post by Nanette on Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:30 pm

I wrote this poem in the 1980's after feeling an intense connection to the Spirit within:

You Are

You are my sun.
Your rays
beams of warmth
Blanketing my body,
Providing shelter from cold;
lighting my way.

You are my moon;
Your luminescence my light
In the darkest of nights.
Your glow my comfort,
When fear consumes.

You are my compass;
My true north.
When I lose my way
You guide me.
Never failing;
Always constant,
Pointing the way.

You are my tree,
Under who's branches
I find shade's shelter;
Against who's trunk
I rest when I am weary.

You are my stream
In which i place my feet,
When the road I travel
Along life's journey
Has blisters made
And soreness ache.
Your waters soothe me.

You are my house,
my home.
Your walls protect me;
Your roof shelters me
From life's storms.
You keep me safe
When intruders would steal and rob.

You are the fire in the hearth.
Your dancing flames warm me
as I sit before you,
By your hypnotic display

You are my world;
My planet.
The fruits of which provide
The air I breath,
The water which quenches my thirst,
The soil which brings forth my nourishment.

You are,
And because You are
I am.

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Post Re: You Are

Post by Akindra on Mon Dec 29, 2008 11:05 pm

Wow Nanette. I love it. Especially that last bit. Hoping to chat to you soon.



Glenda :-) May the realisation of all paths leading to the same truth become fruitful in this age of religious intolerance.

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Post Re: You Are

Post by Jon28 on Fri Jan 02, 2009 1:43 am

Very lovely and well-penned, Nanette. I enjoyed reading this, and pictured a warm fireside. Thank you... Jon

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