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Post by Sarveswara on Fri Jan 04, 2008 3:43 am

Rolling Eyes I have looked into the Chat Box configurations and unfortunately Our Chat Box cannot be manipuatled to suit our needs ... It really could do with a noise on it so we can get others attention, when they are set to away. tantrum

If a member comes into the Chat room and there are no other members there, it would be wise to wait around for 5 to 10 minutes as usually myself or fhenix keep missing ya'll by mere seconds or minutes. (teehee, grumpy very frustrating)

Or you may see we are set as away ... in that case we are usually around somewhere and due to come back to check the room to see if anyone has joined. pclove

On the top right hand side of the Chat box is a log out button ... it is important to note that you must log out before you close the window off ... just closing the window does not disconnect you from the chat session. So if you are leaving the room ... Bad PC for the others benefit to know you are not there or coming back please log out first before you close the window down.

If myself or fhenix are set to away ... we are around and will be in from time to time refreshing the chat window to keep it active ... which is the button up near the logout button on the top right of the chat window. Clicking the refresh button keeps a member in the chat room as online for as long as they keep refreshing the window.

If a member is set as away after a certain amount of time ... Hit PC it will disconnect them after about 15 minutes from the chat session, if you have not remembered to refresh your chat box.

There is another button up the top that is useful ... it is the with archives .. if you click on that it will show you the last messages in the chat room ... there could be a message from one of us saying when either myself or fhenix will be back in the room so that you can be assured to catch us online... lol!

hmm I m sure we will get it all together soon as time goes on and we get use to each others hours of visiting the room.

So for now these are just a few things that can be helpful to understanding how the silly ole chat box works.
luck Good luck, Laughing

wave see ya online Kiss

angel with a little help from you know who teehee

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