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Thinking with love is truth
Feeling with love is peace
Acting with love is right conduct
Understanding with love is non-violence
- Sathya Sai
I have said many times that you are really not one person but three persons: the one you think you are, the one others think you are and the one you really are. If you spend all your time in the aspect of what you think you are, namely your body, how will you ever think of God? We should gradually turn the external manifestation of devotion to true inner devotion. Here, ahimsa has been mentioned as the first flower in this worship. We generally think that ahimsa means not causing harm to some living being. Ahimsa is not just this. Even bad vision, or bad hearing or bad talk is also himsa.

Hence, if your thoughts are pure, you are blessed with purity. We fill our minds and spend our time in activities and associations replete with evil; but when we reap the consequences and suffer, we are filled with misery. As every thought emanates from the mind, its consequences are determined. When you are subject to misery you blame God, but you do not realize that your distress is the consequence of your own thoughts. This is why you should have good thoughts and seek good company

Ahimsa really means that you should not cause harm to anyone through your vision, hearing or talking. Ahimsa does not mean merely not injuring a living being. You should not cause hurt even by a word, a look or a gesture. Tolerance, fortitude, equanimity - they help you to be steady in Ahimsa. They will remove all chance of your causing pain to others. This is called 'sahana' (forbearance) or 'kshama' (forgiveness).

Assess the worth of whatever others do to you or say about you, and cultivate fortitude and the understanding to appreciate their behaviour and pardon their faults. This capacity is as invaluable as truth, righteousness, wisdom, nonviolence, renunciation, delight and compassion. It is all that one need possess for spiritual advancement. Ahimsa is another is another phase of sathya. When once you are aware of the kinship, the oneness in god, the fundamental atmic unity, no one will cause pain or distress to another.

What does Ahimsa signify? It is not merely refraining from causing harm or injury to others. It implies also refraining from causing harm to himself. One who harms oneself cannot avoid harming others. How is this to be ensured? By constantly examining whether his conduct is right or wrong. For instance, in the matter of speech, one must examine whether the words are causing pain to others. One must see that the looks are not tainted by evil intentions or thoughts. One should not listen to evil talk. Hence everyone should see that they give no room for bad looks, bad hearing, bad speech, bad thoughts and actions.

"Ahimsa Paramo Dharma" - Ahimsa is the most meritorious deed. Non violence is an alternate name for Truth and Love. By following Non-violence, one achieves Love. To follow the path of non-violence, it is necessary to change the mental attitude. Nobody should be harmed by mind, body or speech. Overwhelm the bad and jealous by your goodness. Humility is the main quality of those who want to don the mantle of non-violence.

While adhering to our duty, we may possibly be causing harm to another. Under such circumstances, the intention and duty must be considered. If a dacoit cuts off your head it is himsa (violence); if the doctor amputates it, he saves your life and so it is ahimsa (nonviolence). In Bhagavad Gita the Lord explains to Arjuna that it is his righteousness to slay the enemy. Krishna wanted the peace of this world, and yet he encouraged the big battle in which four million people were killed. The greater good of the society required the elimination of the wicked foe.

You should also be careful with regard to your food. Excessive eating does violence to the body. Moderation is conducive to happiness. Ahimsa is thus what confers happiness on you. When you realize that God is in everyone, you will practice non-violence.

Kindness to all living beings is one of the most important virtues of human beings -- Sathya Sai

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