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om Getting Rid of MAYA

Post by Sarveswara on Fri Jun 27, 2008 1:48 am

Getting Rid of MAYA

Maya has the capacity to ruin our life. If we understand the nature of Maya well, it will go away from us in one moment. If we give a high place to it without understanding, then it will get the upper hand and will begin to dance on our heads.

In one village, a marriage was to take place. The party of the bridegroom came to the village and was staying in a house. The party of the bride was staying in another house. In between these two parties, there was one individual who wanted all kinds of comforts and was demanding them from both the parties. This individual used to go to the bridegroomʼs place and tell them that they were always coming late and causing a lot of problems to the brideʼs party. People belonging to the bridegroomʼs party thought that he was some respected elder from the side of the bride. Similarly he went to the brideʼs house and told them that they were not respecting the bridegroom and members of his party and were not giving them all the respect that was due to them.

This individual was enacting a drama. He was going to the bridegroomʼs party and was behaving as if he was a respected elder from the brideʼs side; and he was going to the brideʼs people and behaving as if he was a respected elder from the bridegroomʼs side. When this drama went too far, the two parties started investigating and found that he belonged to neither side.

Once you make an inquiry and find out the origin of Maya, it will disappear; even as the individual in our story disappeared.
- Baba

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We were all expecting Swami to emerge from the doorway at any moment. Appearing suddenly, Swami walked into the garden among us. (Those were the days!) He stopped not far from where I was standing. A young Indian, probably in his early twenties, stepped boldly in front of Sai Baba, and even more boldly asked the question, "Are you God?"

The hush that fell over the group of men seemed expectant, and yet somehow fearful. But Swami was his calm, normal self. He pointed his finger at the young man and replied, "You are God!!!"
He then gave a simple revealing yet profound talk that God incarnates in every man and woman born on earth but we are not aware of this wonderful truth, although perhaps sometimes dimly aware.

SWAMI told us that, Our very purpose in being born as a human being, is to work towards the realization of the great truth of our Divinity.

"The ones who are called Avatars are those who are born with the knowledge of this great truth of their identity with God."

And so SWAMI said,
"The only difference between you and me is that while you are Avatars and you do not know it, I knew it from the time of my childhood. When I tell you that you are God, that God is within you all, you may or may not believe it, but you have to do more than believe it.

You must by the life you live, and through your Sadhana (Spiritual practice) reach the point where you experience your own Godhood."

My Eternal Love, Sarveswara Getting Rid of MAYA 547637

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