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Swami Thus Spake The Lord

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Thus Spake The Lord Ramaya10

Thus Spake The Lord

I have been offering you advice and directions about Seva for some years but I am not satisfied with the extent to which you have been putting then into practice. Your aim should be to please Me, to satisfy Me, to follow My directions. I have come with certain tasks as My Mission. I too have certain vows to fulfill! They have been mentioned in the Bhagavat Gita also. I have to establish the supremacy of Dharma, I have to bear the yoga-kshema (burden of welfare) of those who are immersed in thoughts of Me alone. So, the best way to please Me is to see Me in all beings and serve them just as you would like to serve Me. That is the best form of worship, which will reach Me.

The Lord may have two or two hundred vows; that is His Will. But the Bhaktha need only have one vow, to save himself--the vow of total surrender--of Sharanaagathi. If you have full faith in the Divinity of every being, the attitude of surrender will automatically be fixed in you. Do not treat them, as nara (human); treat them as Naaraayana, the Lord Himself. You are not alleviating the distress of that other person; you are offering worship to the Lord, in that Form, in that body.


Reference: Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. VIII, Chapter 33.

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