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Post by Akindra on Fri Aug 29, 2008 12:45 pm

Kevin Rudd on God....... Rudd10

Cosmos order proves God exists: Rudd

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says the ordered nature of the cosmos convinces him of the existence of God.
Mr Rudd, a regularly practising Anglican, was on Friday asked on Fairfax Radio in Brisbane to give his single biggest argument in favour of the existence of God.

"As you know I'm a believer and I've never pretended not to be and I respect those who have no religious belief - it's a free country," Mr Rudd said.
"For me, it's ultimately the order of the cosmos or what I describe as the creation.
"You can't simply have, in my own judgment, creation simply being a random event because it is so inherently ordered, and the fact that the natural environment is being ordered where it can properly coexist over time.
"If you were simply reducing that to mathematically probabilities I've got to say it probably wouldn't have happened.
"So I think there is an intelligent mind at work."

Mr Rudd said in his entire political life he had never been asked in a media interview to prove the existence of God.
"You ... have a world first," Mr Rudd said.

Glenda :-) May the realisation of all paths leading to the same truth become fruitful in this age of religious intolerance.

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Post Re: Kevin Rudd on God.......

Post by Sarveswara on Sun Aug 31, 2008 2:03 am

lol ... wow ... how funny is that ... a good sign of the times dont you think. Thanks for sharing ... the things you find babe Laughing I must walk around with blinders on lol.

My Eternal Love, Sarveswara Kevin Rudd on God....... 547637

Love, Faith & Trust ... The Foundation of Everything.

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