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Post by Sarveswara on Tue Oct 07, 2008 1:27 am

You Are Most Blessed  Swami Omkarananda Gurudev18

How to Attain Supernormal Powers on Daily Life?

Your will-power is developed, and the soul-force increases, with every temptation you resist, every wrong thought you reject, every harsh feeling you transform, every desire you sublimate. Every little act of self-control increases your will-power. Every craving and emotion uplifted and transformed by Wisdom or by Love, or by spiritual aspiration and activity, adds to your soul-force. Difficulties when endured and mastered silently, calmly, without a complaint, with dignity, enrich the spiritual power of your inner personality.

Life is a grand art. Gently master all that is weak in yourself. Reject, as beneath your dignity, the easy but the wrong, and accept bravely the difficult but the right. Displace the lower pleasures by the higher, and the higher by the delights of the divine Nature and Consciousness. Substitute the negative by the positive. Rule all impulses by reason, and give them a direction that will result in adding strength to you, and in bringing you most beneficent results.

Your Contribution to Human Evolution

Contribute to the powers of Goodness on earth, to the powers of Love and Knowledge, to every kind of harmony, joy and welfare which are already on earth. Become cosmic, universal personalities, who are free of all limitations in attitude, feelings and experience. Claim your right to the Infinite and lead your life with the aid of the wisdom of the all-governing Consciousness of the imperishable Divinity.

Be a wise person whose joy is in his wisdom, whose happiness is in his understanding, and whose success is in his patience and perseverance.

Be a wise person whose world of wealth, peace, power, prosperity and joy is in the Godhead he loves and lives in, the Godhead he knows, sees and experiences in himself, in others, in all beings, everywhere.

Create Your Own Inner Inspiring Mental Atmosphere

However bad be the outer environments, you can always live in the most wonderful subjective environments you can create for yourself. If you lack the company of the great, the noble, the good, and the inspiring, read a few classical works of treat and immortal thoughts, and live subjectively in that environment, unconcerned with what the outer world is. If you have no beautiful surroundings and attractive environs, you can entertain beautiful thoughts and attractive feelings, and live from them. You can carry with you your own inner mental atmosphere, wherever you go, and find the world as wonderful as the world within you. If the world around you is composed of bad people and dark forces, they have no power over you, so long as your mind and heart are attached to that which is divine, and that which is called God, the Infinite, all-triumphing Power and Perfection.

You Are a Blessing and a Joy to the World

Blessed is your vision to which the grounds, whereon you stand, are sacred, your view that is charitable and sweet, your attitude that is noble and spiritual, your heart that releases constantly cosmic feelings, your eyes that see the divine Presence everywhere.

Deeply loved by God, greatly blessed by the immortal saints, befriended by the angels, constantly in touch with the Powers of Goodness and Truth, live your life fully, graciously, and with a rare peace, freedom, joy, in this difficult world of limitations.

Enrich the earth by the treasures of the divine Consciousness you are in tune with.

Swami Omkarananda

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You Are Most Blessed Swami Omkarananda
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