Happy Valentines Day Gody!!

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Post Happy Valentines Day Gody!!

Post by Lalita Sarasvati on Thu Feb 14, 2008 1:00 pm


Happy Valentines Day To Everybody...
Here is a love letter to Gody that I wrote... simple, but exactly how I feel yet so much more than words can express to even begin to express my Adoration and Appreciation of and for Our Lord...

"You are my joy,
You are my Light,
You are my laughter,
You are my Sun & Rain,
You are my Love,
You are my Air,
You are my Skin & Soul,
You are my heartbeat,
You are my Truth,
You are my urge,
My God you are my Everything...

I could go on forever...
And Love You with my everything,
I am so blessed to Love You.

Mere words feign to convey the Essence Of Devotion
I am for You,
I am in constant Awe of Your Magnificence...
I am so deeply grateful of You that I could weep...

Oh Lord,


for you

round om gold
Lalita Sarasvati
Lalita Sarasvati
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OM Member

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Post Re: Happy Valentines Day Gody!!

Post by Jon28 on Thu Feb 14, 2008 4:16 pm

How lovingly and deeply experienced. Thank you Lalita Sarasvati. :tweety2:

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Post Re: Happy Valentines Day Gody!!

Post by Sarveswara on Thu Feb 14, 2008 9:32 pm

Jon says it well my babe, how indeed, very deeply this expression of love is experienced, and yet in the line “Mere words feign to convey the Essence Of Devotion”, you also express that there are no words to describe the truth of the depth of this love that you are experiencing.

This only goes to describe so perfectly in your words, my precious one, that the expression, no matter how beautifully and how majestically is put into words, nothing can describe the actual event of experience other than the experience itself, and draws the reader to want to also touch upon the joyful bliss that you so describe that cannot be experienced but through the true devotion of God; and thus the reader is enticed to push forward through the battle of self to find this light that your words here have turned on to brighten the heart of the reader as a beckon of hope that they too will experience this indescribable experience of divine love.

What I am saying here is how beautiful your heart speaks of the expression of a love that can only be experienced and how this beauty you have created is a light of hope for others, which is so your nature to share … I love you soooo !!! THANK YOU hug

My Eternal Love, Sarveswara Happy Valentines Day Gody!! 547637

Love, Faith & Trust ... The Foundation of Everything.

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Post Re: Happy Valentines Day Gody!!

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