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Post by fhenix on Fri Feb 29, 2008 6:46 am

Cultivate the open-mindedness that resides within you.

It is wasteful indeed to spend your precious time and energy fruitlessly

By.... for instance,

Continually regretting what has already been done, or
Constantly repressing anger, or
Worrying about the future.

In those moments, you would do better to detach your thoughts calmly
from the object or person at the root of your problem....for awhile, and

Try to direct your body, eyes and mind towards Nature,
which pure-heartedly displays the open-mindedness of God's love:
Cultivate the Open - Mindedness Angel110

Winds blowing breezily,
Large trees standing calmly,
Birds singing lovely songs,
Mountains resting in dignity,
The brilliantly shining sun,
The leisurely flowing rivers.

Humankind is also a child of Mother Nature.

To be unshackled from attachment....and

To cultivate open-mindedness

Is to be Natural.

Angel Messages from the Beyond..........Juan Nakamori

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