Chant OM - Seven Ways It Can Help

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Post Chant OM - Seven Ways It Can Help

Post by Sarveswara on Sat Mar 01, 2008 8:29 am

Chant OM - Seven Ways It Can Help

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The sound OM is considered to be the mantra of all mantras, the primeval sound from which all other sounds emerged, the mother sound, or even the origin of creation. How does chanting OM help? Here are seven ways chanting OM may help you in your life:

SIMPLE SOLUTION: Some of the effects of such a practice include:

1. a calming effect caused by regulated, slowed-down breathing.

2. facilitates the attainment of the first stage of meditation by drawing your attention from the outside looking in.

3. a pleasant, harmonic sound massage for the chest, belly, spine, and head.

4. improved organ function.

5. improved concentration and other brain functions.

6. an indescribable feeling of well-being, peace, and harmony that can only be experienced to be properly appreciated.

7. last, but not least, it provides an ideal introduction to several kinds of meditation and spiritual practices.

The OM when sung sounds like A-O-U-M.

Information Taken from Care2

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