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Post by Sarveswara on Sun Mar 09, 2008 1:31 am

A helpful exercise … in ‘Surrendering the Ego’

As soon as a situation has you caught in the “drama”, you are indeed in egoic self … When you can, bring your attention to the fact that it is the ego that is hurt, confused, bruised, or what ever the situation has done to cause this dent in the Ego to react.

Let go of the feelings the Ego is telling you are yours just for a moment, and place the belonging back to the Ego as a separate identity. You will see the whole situation then as the witness, dettached.

The witness has not been affected by the situation, only the ego. The witness is unattached to the pain and suffering the Ego is feeling, but witnesses in the fullness of love and compassion; it sees the delusion the Ego has created, and sees it as the Truth it is, an opportunity for Witness acknowledgement.

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