Ten Steps to Kesava

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Post Ten Steps to Kesava

Post by Sarveswara on Tue May 27, 2008 5:37 pm

Ten Steps to Kesava … (Sanskrit keśava — of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.)

Step One

Always remember God, the creator of all, in everything you do, for God is the “One” and “Only” true basis of everything in creations.

Step Two

Stop believing that this world is the true and “Absolute” reality. Just remember, it is only a temporary, constantly changing, dreamlike learning experience.

Step Three

Always “Be unafraid” of “Death”. It is only a transition from on state of consciousness to another.

Step Four

Always seek the “inner” unchanging “knowledge” of the One true self, the Atma … Along with all other branches of outer knowledge, know that knowledge or the Atma is the only “True Knowledge.”

Step Five

Stop allowing the Twin shackles of attachment and desire to imprison your consciousness … and thereby obstruct your divine birthright of total “conscious choice”! Free Will!

Step Six

Always cultivate perfect balance, even mindedness … Let it reflect as inner and outer composure even in the face of utter chaos or seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Step Seven

Always “Share” your life energy with good and “Godly” company, because by consorting with individuals who are ruled by their dark side, their demonic tendencies, will weaken your own resolve of goodness.

Step Eight

Always control your rampaging monkey mind through the cultivation of inner silence. Focus on your breathing in and out. Along with the words “So” (In) and “Hum” (Out).

Step Nine

Stop projecting “separation” which only comes from the old ego idea of “ I am the body” consciousness. Instead, envision and then fully experience the underlying reality of “Eternal Oneness.”

Step Ten

Always remember: “You are” the eternal “Atma, Spirit, God.” So start right now to think, talk, and act like it in everything you do.

Dedicated to the One God within All!


My Eternal Love, Sarveswara Ten Steps to Kesava 547637

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