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Post by Akindra on Wed May 28, 2008 1:19 pm

I just read this and found it interesting (espcially since I am still afflicted with the additction), so I thought I'd share it

Fortunately the use of tobacco was unknown to the people and times of the Bible, so there are no specific scriptural statements about that. But the Bible does counsel good sense–and that is enough to use in relation to such a destructive habit. That the use of tobacco in any form both poisons the system and shortens the life–especially the lifespan of the heart–is so well known except to those who do not want to know it, that nothing more need be said on this aspect of physical health.

Tobacco greatly shuts down our subtle faculties of awareness. For that reason nicotine addicts erroneously conclude that it calms their nerves, when it is simply killing their capacity for awareness. When we see how the Lord Jesus refused to dull His senses with the drugged wine at His crucifixion, how can we think that a person consciously striving for spiritual growth can afford to ignore His example?

One of the most destructive effects of tobacco is its effect on the subtle energy bodies or aura of the individual. The use of tobacco in even a small quantity disturbs the biomagnetic field of the body, and produces both mental and physical imbalance. The tiniest ingestion of nicotine in any form sets off the auric defense systems and causes the aura to become totally sealed, as if turned to stone. The enemy is already within the gates, so to speak, but the energy levels are getting a false type of signal and so attempt to block any external invasion. This, of course, happens only after deliberate distortion of the bodily defense sensors. In the first few uses of tobacco, the body recognizes that the enemy is within, and produces coughing and nausea to rid itself of the intruder. After a while the body seems to adjust, but in reality it goes haywire and produces warning signals exactly opposite to the reality of the situation.

This toxically induced form of psychic defense also makes the addict feel that tobacco steadies and calms him. Just notice how at the slightest onset of pressure or anxiety the addict reaches for the weed, thus becoming increasingly incapable of coping with even normal human stresses, eventually turning himself into an emotional paralytic. Not having to pick up the psychic energies of others around him, the tobacco addict retreats into the worst form of escapism–the world of mind-altering drugs. And nicotine is a potent mind-altering drug. Even worse, the addict becomes incapable of receiving any higher spiritual energies or influences, and becomes impervious even to his own higher consciousness. Tied right in with this, he also loses more and more of his own free will, as is inevitable with any addiction. Moving through his gray world of smoke and death, the tobacco addict is a moral zombie, a spiritual suicide.
What is more, he is just plain rude.


Glenda :-) May the realisation of all paths leading to the same truth become fruitful in this age of religious intolerance.

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