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om A School that not only educates, but elevates!

Post by Sarveswara on Wed Jul 09, 2008 2:20 am

The Unmatched Mission of SSSHSS

It was the month of March – the busiest and most crucial period in the life of every student in the XII grade. It was going to be their second and last rendezvous with a public exam – a test which could make or mar their future forever. In India, for all English medium schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education of the Government of India, the nation-wide annual assessment conducted by this Board for the students of X and XII grade is like the Holy Grail.

For the schools, it provides a one-time prospect to establish their credentials every year; and for the pupils, it is the opportunity of a lifetime - if they slip in this trial, it could be a burden which could bother them umpteen times as their lives unfold in the near future - their post secondary education depends upon the results of this performance.

Every student, therefore, strengthens his/her heart and soul to do their best, and utilises every extra second available in the month of March to ensure that they make a mark for themselves. Parents and teachers everywhere virtually take charge of their wards completely – providing for all their material needs and comforts. Nobody wants to take a moment away from their teen during this time of the year.

Spontaneous Concern – A Common Sight in Sai School

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A School that not only educates, but elevates! Drawing004A School that not only educates, but elevates! Spacer
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It is peak examination season, one boy is sick, so his friend voluntarily reads out lessons for him
A School that not only educates, but elevates! Corner_bottomright

During the peak of this hectic and stressful period, the scene inside the Sri Sathya Sai Hostel for Junior Boys was as busy, but there was something strikingly different about it, especially in one corner of the hostel. Satish was preparing intensely for his toughest subject, which was only a day or tw+o away.

That morning, however, to his surprise, he found his classmate, Ramesh, all-covered up and completely silent, lying on his bed; this was very unusual.

He went near him and gently touched his hand. His heart sank. His fellow student and dormitory inmate was sick during this critical period! Extremely weak and running a temperature, Ramesh was in no position to study – his spirit was high, but flesh was frail. It was too much for Satish to stomach – how could he study when his own classmate was in such a helpless state?

He immediately brought his condition to the notice of the concerned teacher, and soon Ramesh was administered the right medication. But his energy levels were still abysmal; he could not bring himself to sit and start studying. “I cannot let this happen,” Satish said to himself; the predicament of Ramesh bothered him more than anything else.

Even though he had a long way to go in his personal preparation for the most difficult exam, Satish sat by the bedside of Ramesh and read out all the chapters, questions and answers, explaining slowly and clearly till it registered in Ramesh’s mind. It didn’t matter if he was going to lose a few marks; at the most challenging moment of his roommate, he wanted to be there, all the way with him, and see to it that he too comes out with flying colours. From h-h

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