Thought on ~ 18th October 2008

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om Thought on ~ 18th October 2008

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 17, 2008 11:54 pm

Thought on ~ 18th October 2008 Sw-abaya9


Mankind has progressed much in exploiting the material resources of the earth in order to promote the standard of life. But, he has not learnt the way to inner peace and contentment. Envy and greed have fouled the relations between persons and nations, suppressing the awareness of the Unity that underlies all Creation. The main cause of this calamitous situation is rank egoism; each one tries to grab for himself whatever adds to his power and comfort. The mind has desires as its warp and woof. When desires are ego-oriented, time and effort are wasted; duty is neglected; the body and its skills are misused. In order to restore peace to the individual and in society, the mind has to be purged of its attachment to the self.

- Baba

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18th October 2008

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