Thought on ~ 26th October 2008

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om Thought on ~ 26th October 2008

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Thought on ~ 26th October 2008 Sw-abaya9

The senses have to be controlled, primarily because they pursue deleterious influences that harass man and lead him into ruin. Inner peace is lost when the senses feed man on inciting wants and infructuous desires. For the Sadhaka (spiritual aspirant), what the senses imbibe must always be pure and Sathwic in nature, that which promotes humility, equanimity and simplicity. If the impressions are Rajasic (inducing passion), the mind will get agitated and vengeful. If they are Tamasic (inducing dullness of mind), the mind will not even be aroused into the awareness of its own shortcomings. It is only the Sathwic impulses that will keep the mind on an even keel, fully concentrated on the Atma on which one must contemplate in order to attain peace.

- Baba

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26th October 2008

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