Sri Gopalakrishna Baba ~ Divine Discorse 9th Nov 2007

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om Sri Gopalakrishna Baba ~ Divine Discorse 9th Nov 2007

Post by Sarveswara on Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:33 am

Sri Gopalakrishna Baba ~ Divine Discorse 9th Nov 2007 Divine11
Sri Gopalakrishna Baba ~ Divine Discorse 9th Nov 2007

Swami starts his speech with "Let there be peace within everyone".

Embodiments of Love.

I reside in all the places where there is peace. Whoever is thirsty for divine love, let them run to get it and I will respond accordingly. If you are hungry, I will fill your heart with love. When you are hungry, you should not eat everything to fill your stomach. I am always thirsty for my devotees' love. Love is my food. I dislike people with ego. The ego has to go and love has to be filled inside the heart. This is my nature. I request everyone to remove their ego, fill their heart with love and then only come to see Bhagwan (Sri Sathya Sai Baba).

I have come here facing lots of hardships only to quench the thirst for love of my devotees. I will not come or dwell in places where the devotees do not follow my directions or love me. Instead I will move away and go to those places where there is love. There is lots of love at Vishal's house. I have renamed him as 'Shyam' (Krishna). Both the names, 'Vishal' and 'Shyam' - their hearts are wide like the sky which is boundless and endless. Wherever peace exists, I am omnipresent. These devotees are filled with lots of love in their hearts for their Bhagwan. Even after my physical departure from this house, I shall be omnipresent here, because of my devotees' love and devotion. I will keep moving here always. This family is full of true love. This was the true love that was shared between the Gopikas and Krishna. This is the divine flow of love from the Sai Sagar (Sai Ocean). I shall visit and grace this place regularly in future. I have been calling my devotees from so many births, but it has materialized only now. I am here to give tremendous peace to the hearts of the devotees who come to have my Darshan. This is my abode - the abode of Bhagwan Gopala Krishna Baba.

Shirdi Baba is calling me from so many years to have his Darshan in Shirdi but only now, the time has come to have His Darshan. Given an option not to go to Shirdi It would not be wrong to stay here at this place, but for the immense and true love of my children here. But I have to go to Shirdi and take the blessings of my Guru, Sri Shirdi Baba. Shirdi Baba, the old man does not spare anybody. I have no option except to listen to my Lord Shirdi Baba. This Diwali is very special for me because I would be there in Shirdi praying for all my children's welfare. May Shirdi Baba give peace to all of you.

Today is Lakshmi pooja, and in the world of darkness, today is the day of light from the dark. Goddess Lakshmi does not mean that she is the goddess of wealth. Wherever there is courage and effort, Goddess Lakshmi dwells there. There is fear where darkness exists. If you find the courage in that darkness, you will find Lakshmi there. Generally, when you find darkness, fear exists, and this is a general phenomenon. And, when you take courage to walk out from the dwelling darkness, then this darkness (fear) will disappear. The same way one should have courage to live in this world. I believe and emphasize on Karma yoga always. I dislike anyone closing his or her eyes in meditation. By closing your eyes, how can you feel your belly? Many of them close their eyes physically, but their mind is wandering as to what is being cooked in the kitchen. I know what kind of meditation many minds attempt to do. Many minds keep thinking about their next move in business or what breakfast they should have in the morning.

I know everything about everyone within. Many people see me as meditating, but I keep looking at everyone from inside. Anyone can fool anyone, but no one can fool me, and I know and am aware of everything. I keep looking inside the heart of erverybody. Pankajbhai (Pankaj Fozdar) knows about this as he has had lots of experience. He has been there with me from a long time. Pankajbhai with his experience is aware that I am like an X-ray machine. I am not the kind of person who sees the external appearance of any person. I look at the inner beauty and love. That is the innerview. Everyone yearns for the physical interview from me. The people who have the innerview (heart of love) will be called by me. I feel that after the day's work, you should devote your time in meditating on the lotus feet of the Lord. Before retiring to bed everyday, think about all the good and bad events you did during that particular day. By doing this you will come to know the negative and positive karmas that you went through the day. After knowing the negative karmas, you should reduce and eradicate the bad by cultivating and doing good karmas. Sometimes, you will be meditating on your masala dosa.

I am aware of what all is going in everyone's minds! I am the servant of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Sri Sathya Sai Baba's sankalpam and my sankalpam are one and the same. I have surrendered at Bhagwan's Lotus Feet and have been working under his guidance and directions. He instructs me the work which has to be undertaken. That is Sri Sathya Sai Baba's sankalpam. Just as Lord Hanuman was always at the feet of Lord Rama waiting for his instructions to be executed, I am like him (Lord Hanuman) who is always at the feet of Sri Sathya Saibaba waiting for his orders. All the sankalpam will be executed as per his wishes. Why have I come to Mumbai and Lonawala? There is a task to be fulfilled and that is the reason, why I am here.

It has always been my mission and vision is to have World Peace. There are two wheels or wings of any vehicle in this world which makes us move, one is the Bhakthi Yoga and the other one is Karma Yoga. Being lazy is not spirituality. What did Swami Vivekananda say? He says that feed the hungry and then only go near Vedanta. Lots of Sai devotees appear to be doing lots of dramas. They always claim that Swami (Sri Sathya Sai Baba) has told me this and that, but in actual, no one puts what he (Bhagwan) has told to practice. When practice is zero, then even Vedanta is also a big zero. Bhagwan Baba will always be unhappy about those who do not follow what he says. He will not even treat these people as his devotees.

I wants my devotees to be active and always dedicated to do Bhagwan's divine mission. Spirituality is not laziness. To be spiritual, one should have bouncing energy spirit. Spirituality is not for cowards. Emperor Shivaji had tremendous Bhakthi (devotion). He was also a spiritual tiger. He was a complete patriot. He fought and gave his life for his kingdom. Shivaji was not crazy about ruling his kingdom. He wanted to surrender everything at the Lotus feet of Sant Tukaram. But the Saint told Shivaji to fulfill his mission which was to protect his kingdom against the enemies. That was his first dharma (duty). Sant Tukaram was the embodiment of detachment (Vairaghya). Emperor Shivaji developed this detachment the minute he had the Darshan of Sant Tukaram.

The same way, Bhagawan Baba has not come to start a new religion nor create any new advertisement, but to re-establish the Sanathana Dharma. Even my vision and mission is the same. We should not deviate from our religion, tradition and culture.

I am indeed pleased with the devotees gathered here on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. I am the humble servant of whoever speaks and translates my speech into English. I am here to solve all the problems of everyone who come to me under the sky. I undergo many hardships to come here every time to solve the problems of my devotees! Sitting here on this chair today, I say that I do not expect anything in return from this (from solving the problems of the devotees). I stress on the simplicity in life to have a good living (simple food and simple living). This simplicity will ultimately lead to Bhagwan. Today's fast life is taking away the people from their lord because of their complex life.

Swami concluded his discourse by singing one of his favorite Bhajan "Govinda Rama, Jai Jai Gopala Rama".
Sri Gopalakrishna Baba ~ Divine Discorse 9th Nov 2007 Pic_16_nov6
Sri Gopalakrishna Baba

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Sri Gopalakrishna Baba ~ Divine Discorse 9th Nov 2007
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