Thought on ~ 15th November 2008

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om Thought on ~ 15th November 2008

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:32 am

Thought on ~ 15th November 2008 Sw-abaya9


You ignore the divinity you have as the core of your being; at the same time, you seek it in others. This is the tragedy. You insult yourself by feeling helpless, weak and inferior. Cowardice and self-condemnation are not your qualities, you, who are a spark of the Divine flame. Once the ego is suppressed, that very moment two consequences follow: Freedom from grief and Freedom from joy. To achieve this great consummation, you must take one step after another. Good deeds like Pooja (worship), Dhyana (meditation) and the observance of vows etc. are steps on the way; good thoughts like prayer for greater discrimination, more chance to help others - also help. Slowly, steadily, cleanse the mind; sharpen the intellect; purify the senses and win His Grace.

- Baba

Thought for the day as written at Prasanthi Nilayam today
15th November 2008

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