Thought on ~ 8th December 2008

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om Thought on ~ 8th December 2008

Post by Admin on Sun Dec 07, 2008 11:27 pm

Thought on ~ 8th December 2008 Sw-abaya9


To reach the stage of a Jnani (Knower of the Supreme), the preliminary steps are Karma and Upasana (righteous action and worship). Without following the paths of Karma and Upasana and succeeding in them, one can not become a Jnani, just as a student cannot acquire a degree without passing out of school. Before one becomes an adult, one has to pass through the stages of childhood and youth. It is idle for any one to claim that he is a Jnani, unless he has gone through the prior disciplines. The mark of a Jnani is perennial joy. It is for realizing the oneness of divinity that the three stages of action, worship and knowledge have been laid down in the Vedas.

- Baba

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8th December 2008

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