Beautiful Minds

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Post by Amber2008 on Fri Jun 20, 2008 7:33 am

Beautiful Minds

I am who I wanted to be.
For what reason is
for God and my soul to know
I may not be as smart as others
but be patient and understanding
We all have beautiful minds
If I could of been like Einstein
than my soul wouldn't learn
what my soul has chosen to learn
I ask much questions and want to learn
I may forget or not understand you
Please understand and be patient We all
have beautiful minds
I write this for all to comprehend
be understanding
When one is this way life is complicated
So if I ask a question and do not understand
or forget remember be patient and understanding
I am who I wanted to be
For what reason is for God and my soul to know


A poem I wrote thought i would share.
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Post Re: Beautiful Minds

Post by Sarveswara on Fri Jun 20, 2008 2:57 pm

Incredible poem sweetheart! ... such perfect truth of being-ness in all the simplicity that gets overwhelmed by the confusion oh so easily. But let us always bring it back to simple truth and let us live the being-ness we have each come to express as embodiments of divine love.

The other poems you posted today were wonderful to read again and as I have already commented on them previously I just say thank you for sharing them with us and supplying the opportunity for others to read them that may have missed them last time, or to simply enjoy them again as I have.

It's just so lovely to hear from you again ... hug

My Eternal Love, Sarveswara

Love, Faith & Trust ... The Foundation of Everything.

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