O Wise Lord! Realisation. ~ The Holy Vedas

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om O Wise Lord! Realisation. ~ The Holy Vedas

Post by Sarveswara on Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:04 am


O All-Wise Lord!

Guide us to that free world,

Where dwells immortalising divine lustre;

And where the radiant light of wisdom, the sun, shines,

And solemn peace reigns.

O Lord, Thy arms are wide and strong;

May we feel secure under Thy infinite shelter.

(Atharva 19.15.4)


Find the eternal object of your quest within your soul.

Enough have you wandered during the long period of your quest!

Dark and weary must have been the ages of your searching in ignorance and groping in helplessness;

At last when you turn your gaze inward, suddenly you realise that the bright light of faith and lasting truth was shining around you.

With rapturous joy, you find the soul of the universe, the eternal object of your quest.

Your searching mind at last finds the object of the search within your own heart.

Your inner vision is illuminated by this new realisation.


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O Wise Lord! Realisation. ~ The Holy Vedas
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