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Post by Akindra on Tue Mar 31, 2009 11:05 pm

Put a Humorous Spin on Lifeís Events

Finding humor in a situation is a matter of allowing that little childlike part of yourself to come out and play. Regardless of how you perceive yourself, you do have a childlike essence within. We all do. Some people are just more comfortable letting it show than others. In todayís fast-paced, bottom line oriented world, itís easy to understand why the inner child often gets squashed. So many people are filled with sadness, anger, and frustration that those emotions seem to take over. However, if you can put a humorous spin on events, your heart and spirit will soar. So in essence, laughing can help you achieve a greater sense of inner peace. In the midst of that most delicious serenity youíll feel more at ease with yourself and (around) others, and therefore more emotionally available to connect.

One great way to put a humorous spin on otherwise seemingly negative events is to exaggerate the event to the point of the ridiculous. For example, suppose a friend is depressed because her boss got angry with her that day. As you listen and gauge her emotional state, you can lighten the mood by comparing the angry boss to a raging bull. Describe how he or she would look with flaring nostrils, stomping hoofs, and horns coming out the head. Encourage the other person to join in with the description to see who can stretch it to the point of absurdity!

Realize, though, that there may be times when humor is not appropriate. For example, if someone is in the middle of a crisis, itís often difficult to step back and see the event from a different perspective. However, when you look for the humor in life as a part of your daily routine, you can better develop and encourage the positive perspective thatís needed when the going gets tough.

Read the whole article at:-
The Spiritual Side of Humor:
How positive humor can promote lifetime connections
by Jacki Kwan, LCSW-C


Glenda :-) May the realisation of all paths leading to the same truth become fruitful in this age of religious intolerance.

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