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Post by Sarveswara on Fri Jun 13, 2008 3:45 pm

Moral Values ~ Quotes

Moral Values ~ His Holiness The Dalai Lama Dalai-11

from ... His Holiness The Dalai Lama

The Power of Love

A good heart is both important and effective in daily life.

Reaping The Benefits

The reason why we seek to behave in a good manner is that it's from good behavoiur that good fruits are derived.

Building a Better Life

One wants happiness and doesn’t want suffering, and on the basis of that, one enters into good actions and avoids bad actions.

Guiding Principles

Be guided by realism, moderation, and patience.

Work For The Welfare Of All

With a pure heart, you can carry on any work ... and your profession becomes a real instrument to help the human community.

Purity Of Intention

Once you have a pure and sincere motivation, all the rest follows. You can develop this right attitude towards others on the basis of kindness, love and respect, and on the clear realization of the oneness of all human beings.

Caring For Others

Most of the good or beneficial effects that come about in the world are based on an attitude of cherishing others. The opposite is also true.

Give And Take

By showing concern for other people's welfare, sharing other people's suffering, and helping other people, ultimately one will benefit. If one thinks only of oneself and forgets about others, ultimately one will lose.

The Paradox Of Self-Interest

If we adopt a self-centered approach to life by which we attempt to use others for our own self-interest, we might be able to gain temporary benefit, but in the long run we will not succeed in achieving even our personal happiness.

Optimism Achieves Greatness

An optimistic attitude is the key factor for success. Right from the beginning, if you hold a pessimistic attitude even small things may not be achieved.

Signs Of Success

In your daily life, as you learn more patience, more tolerance with wisdom and courage, you will see it is the true source of success.

Good Communications

Compassion ... opens an inner door, and once through the door we can communicate with other fellow human beings and other sentient beings.

Teach By Example

Before teaching others, before changing others, we ourselves must change. We must be honest, sincere, kind-hearted.

Do As You Would Be Done By

We should share the sufferings of our fellow human beings and practice compassion and tolerance, not only towards our loved ones but towards our enemies.

Work For The Welfare Of Others

Our daily thoughts and actions should be directed towards the benefit of others.

Practice What You Preach

We should engage in the same high standards of integrity and sacrifice that we ask of others.

Moral Values ~ His Holiness The Dalai Lama Thbudd14

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Moral Values ~ His Holiness The Dalai Lama
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