FINDING THE MOTHER (Sage Valmiki's Sundarada Kanda in English verse)

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Post FINDING THE MOTHER (Sage Valmiki's Sundarada Kanda in English verse)

Post by M.V.S.Sathyanarayana on Thu May 24, 2012 7:29 pm



1. The blue azure was looking bright and mystical
with vows in countless hues, yet grimly skeptical.
He looked with thoughtful eyes, the path the angels ply
and yelled aloud at friends,Ē In search of Ma, Iíll fly.Ē

2. Bull like, stretched he, his neck, lifted his head,
the mighty Hanuman, the Son of Winds;
all set to take the path so far untread;
a chilling challenge none had ever dared.

3. Over the bouncy emerald green pastures
he sauntered to and fro with wild gestures;
a gust of tempest like, besieging lees;
with arms and bosom firm; bulldozing trees;
as frightened birds took flight to skies, in teams
and scampered helter-skelter beasts with screams.

4. The mighty Mount Mahindra was radiant with rocks
in lucent white, opaque, yellow, crimson and blue
with pines, cedars and Sals touching the skies and flocks
of birds carolling mystic tunes of great allure.

5. Thatís where the protean demigods allay,
the Kinneras ballet, the Yekshas play,
the Gandharvas display their tuneful charms
and saints immerse in meditative calm.

6. On that summit of charming ambience
the Son of Winds looked like a Jumbo Prince;
lofty amongst hundreds of shying cubs
as rocks looked like pebbles and trees like shrubs.


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