SRI GURU STOTRUM ... This months portal Mantra.

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om SRI GURU STOTRUM ... This months portal Mantra.

Post by Sarveswara on Sun Jul 06, 2008 3:08 am

Every so often, usually monthly, I change the music in the portal page and on the
message board page. This particular music is a mantra called Sri Guru Stotrum ...


Om Ajna-na - ti-mir - and-has-ya

Jnan-an-ja-na - al-la-ka-ya

Chak-sur - un-mi-li-tam ye-na

Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah

Ak-han-da - man-dal-la-ka-ram

Vyap-tam ye-na cha-ra-cha-ram

Tat-pa-dam-dar-shi-tam ye-na

Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah

Gu-rur - brah-ma gu-rur - vish-nu

Gu-rur de-vo ma-hesh-wa-rah

Gu-rur - sak-shat pa-ram brah-ma

Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah


Salutations to the Guru, who opened the

eyes of the one blinded by the darkness of

ignorance with the needle coated with the

ointment of knowledge.

Salutations to the Guru, by whose grace the

One Infinite Reality that pervades the

manifestation is revealed.

Salutations to the Guru, the enlightened

spiritual teacher, who is Brahma, the creator,

Vishnu, the protector, and Maheshwara, the

destroyer and who is indeed the limitless


My Eternal Love, Sarveswara

Love, Faith & Trust ... The Foundation of Everything.

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