The TEN-FOLD Path to Divinity

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Swami The TEN-FOLD Path to Divinity

Post by Sarveswara on Tue Jun 17, 2008 4:01 am

The TEN-FOLD Path to Divinity Sw310


(For members of the organisation and others)

  1. Love and Serve the Motherland, do not hate or hurt the motherland, do not hate or hurt the motherland of others.
  2. Honour every religion, each is a pathway to the one God.
  3. Love all men without distinction, know that makind is a single community.
  4. Keep your home and its environs clean, it will ensure health and happiness for you and for society.
  5. Do not throw coins when beggars stretch their hands for alms, help them become self-reliant. Provide food and shelter, love and care, for the sick and the aged.
  6. Do not tempt others by offering bribes or demeen yourself by accepting bribes.
  7. Do not develop jealousy, hatred or envy on any ocunt.
  8. Do not depend on others to serve your personal needs, become your own servant, before proceeding to serve others.
  9. Observe the laws of the State and be an exemplary citizen.
  10. Adore God. Abhor Sin.

My Eternal Love, Sarveswara The TEN-FOLD Path to Divinity 547637

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